Some Hill Country Christmas lights

Oak tree full of lightsWe drove out to Johnson City, Texas to see the Christmas lights around the county courthouse and at the Pedernales Electric Coop offices. There are pictures in the gallery.

Tuba Christmas Austin, December 2009

Warren playing at Tuba Christmas Austin, 2009Warren played the tuba in Tuba Christmas 2009, December 21st on the south steps of the Texas state Capitol. There are pictures in the photo gallery!

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009We drove to Illinois for Thanksgiving with Warren's family. Along the way we stopped in Springfield and St. Louis, Missouri.

You can view pictures we took in the gallery.

Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, July 2009

See pictures from Janice's scuba diving trip to Bonaire


Pictures taken during Janice's trip to Roatan

Here are some pictures from Janice's diving trip to Roatan (Honduras) in June of 2009.

 Where is Roatan?



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