Yearly weather synopsis

Observations for the past 365 days

Last updated 05/26/12 17:58:10

This year's highs and lows

High Temperature94.9 F on 05/05/12
Low Temperature27.8 F on 02/12/12
Year to date average66.2 F
High Humidity100 % on 02/18/12
Low Humidity14 % on 02/23/12
Year to date average70 %
High Dewpoint72.3 F on 05/26/12
Low Dewpoint5.2 F on 01/12/12
High Wind Speed42.0  mph on 05/07/12
Year to date average2.6 mph
Year to date dominant wind direction108
High Barometer30.623  in on 01/02/12
Low Barometer29.410  in on 02/23/12
Rain Total18.68  in
High Rain Rate16.00  in/hr on 01/25/12
Low Wind Chill18.1 F on 02/12/12
High Heat Index100.4 F on 05/05/12







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